Critical Debriefs

Critical incidents are highly stressful or traumatic events which may significantly challenge or exceed one’s capacity to cope. Events such as natural disasters, accidents, serious workplace injury or death, violence, crime, or witnessing any of the above can have a long term and ripple effect within your workplace. Debriefing is an important resource for those who have experienced a critical incident.

The debriefing process provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to voluntarily share and begin to process their experience of a critical event.

Benefits of Debriefing

Clarity Counselling Services’ trauma-trained Psychotherapists & Social Workers are Certified Debriefing Facilitators.

They have experience providing supportive, constructive debriefing services in our community.

  • Resource your team to process challenging, stressful, or traumatic events
  • Opportunity for your team to be heard and supported in an effective way; restore a sense of safety and empowerment
  • Decrease and prevent short and long-term impacts of stress, trauma, and psychological injuries or burnout
  • Reduce traumatic impact on an individual and organizational level
  • Increase effective coping and resilience-building

What Does a Debrief Entail?

We guide a constructive, supportive conversation, provide an educational presentation & develop skill-building coping strategies.

  • Initial complimentary consultation/assessment of situation and needs
  • Delivery of debrief:
    • Supportive, guided debriefing discussion
    • Psychoeducation
    • Coping strategies, skills and resources
    • Informational handouts and a take-home coping tool kit

We’re here to assist you every step of the way.