We welcome new and returning clients, and aim to make the process of connecting with the right therapist as simple and comfortable as possible.


It’s normal to experience a range of emotions through life’s ebbs, flows and storms.

Yet, there are times when our circumstances, emotions, or thoughts become difficult to weather, and support can be essential in helping to navigate or settle the waters.

Therapy can help you make meaningful change, develop self-compassion,
build resilience, and deepen understanding of yourself and others.

Along the way, we will offer support, tools, guidance

& clarity.

Who we are:

A dynamic team, dedicated to finding the right fit for you

We are compassionate therapists who specialize in a variety of concerns that bring clients to therapy.

We work with individuals, couples, families, and groups – from children to seniors

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Our experienced therapists are passionate about providing a safe and constructive space for you:
To be deeply heard, understood and supported while navigating difficult situations, thoughts and feelings

Our Services:

Our therapists specialize in their own areas of expertise

Session Formats:

Flexibility to meet your needs

Specialized therapy to meet your needs
Extended sessions available to dedicate more time to your wellness
Complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss services & find the right therapist for you
Easy online booking – find the appointments that work best for you
Daytime, evening and weekend appointments
Accessible video or phone counselling in Ontario
Walk and talk therapy in Timmins and Ottawa Ontario
Non-Insured Health Benefits Providers