We draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques
to assist, empower, and resource our clients.

It’s normal to experience a range of emotions through life’s ebbs, flows and storms. Yet, there are times when our circumstance, emotions, or ways of thinking become difficult to bear and support can be essential. Talking to a trained, empathetic professional is a very positive step. Counselling and talk therapy are shown to reduce emotional distress and build resilience, foster new perspective and create positive change.
Together we can work to address your personal experience with any of the following:

Abuse • Anger • Anxiety • Body image, acceptance and positivity • Depression • Emotional coping and regulation • Family Relationships • Negative thoughts and self-beliefs • Perfectionism • Procrastination and avoidance • Self Care • Self Esteem • Stress • Trauma

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Sessions are 50 minutes in length. You are welcome to request a longer appointment if preferred.

The therapeutic process can equip you with tools for regulating your emotions, coping with challenging situations, working with difficult thoughts, expressing yourself, and adopting healthier habits and behaviours.

Conflict, strain or disconnection in your relationship can feel so lonely, painful, and distressing. The cycles and patterns we may fall into with our partner can seem and difficult to break, and overwhelming to figure out where to start. We know that healthy, supportive relationships are a cornerstone of our mental health and overall health. We work with couples to help them understand one another’s needs, emotions and perspectives more deeply and teach new ways of expressing and relating to one another. We help partners learn to show up for one another, become emotionally available and foster secure bonds. We work with couples to make improvements and heal in the following areas:

Communication • Emotional Connection • Conflict • Intimacy • Navigating life changes and stressors

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Sessions are 1.5 hours (80 minutes). You may also book a brief couple’s session (50 minutes in length).

Couples or family therapy with Vanessa can help you build trust, stability and cohesion in the relationships that matter to you most. Working through challenges in a safe, constructive environment can help you gain deeper understanding into your own and your partner’s needs, and learn to express these needs in healthier ways.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy

With Vanessa

Vanessa is passionate about working with women and their partners through conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Having a baby comes with numerous transitions, adjustments, and changes. These changes are mental, emotional, and physical, and have a powerful, impact on our functioning. Having a baby can impact your relationship with yourself, your partner, and others. Vanessa offers specialized services to support the wellness of individuals and couples facing challenges with:


  • Conception/fertility issues
  • Wellness planning for pregnancy
  • Maintaining intimacy and reducing stress while trying to conceive


  • Complications/high risk pregnancy
  • Pregnancy loss/miscarriage
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Coping with stress during pregnancy
  • Perinatal anxiety or depression


  • Creating a postpartum self care & wellness plan
  • Support through the “baby blues”
  • Processing your birth story
  • Healing from traumatic or difficult birthing experience
  • Support with “D-MER”: Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (feeling sad, anxious or uncomfortable during let-down while breastfeeding)
  • Bonding with baby
  • Postpartum adjustment issues or stress
  • Postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-weaning depression, anxiety, or grief
  • Sense of identity and sense of self in motherhood
  • Relationship health: division of household tasks, building a resilient partnership, communicating with your partner, learning how to support one another

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Sessions for individuals are 50 minutes in length, and couples sessions are 1.5 hours. Longer appointments are available upon request.

Perinatal therapy can help you feel validated and supported in your experience. You may come away with increased insight, knowledge, and a feeling of being able to cope with your present circumstances. Mental health support throughout pregnancy and postpartum can help bring clarity and an increased sense of wellness to this important time in your life.

Please note: If you believe you or your partner are having symptoms of perinatal (during/after pregnancy) mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, or psychosis (a disconnection from reality), it is important you speak with your doctor. If you or your partner are having thoughts that scare you, including thoughts of harming yourself, others, or your baby, please seek urgent assistance at the nearest Emergency Department. Counselling and care for your mental health is vital, while it is important to ensure proper medical care and support during crisis as well.

Postpartum Group Counselling

Vanessa periodically offers therapeutic groups for moms after the birth of their babies. Engaging in a therapeutic group can help you feel connected, validated and less alone in your experience. Often, it is a very affirming and uplifting experience to participate in a group. Clients benefit from relating to one another’s similarities and learning from different perspectives and experiences. Group counselling, whether online or in-person, takes place in a structured, supportive, educational atmosphere guided by an experienced and caring professional.

Vanessa offers postpartum therapy in Timmins, Ontario and postpartum therapy online.

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Why Choose Private Practice Therapy?

Careful scheduling on the therapist’s part means little-to-no time spent on a wait-list. We understand that when you reach out for help is when you need it most. Addressing your concerns early on helps bring relief to the pain you may be experiencing, and reduces disruption in your daily life

No lengthy wait times between appointments. You and your therapist determine frequency and duration of counselling based on your needs. Therapy in a private practice setting allows increased continuity of care which is shown to be associated with increased effectiveness of therapy

Meeting with a therapist who provides specialized care means that you receive attentive, experienced service focused on addressing the specific concerns that bring you to counselling

✓ You choose your mental health professional, ensuring there is a good match between you and your counsellor/therapist. Finding a professional who suits your needs and preferences is an essential foundation to the therapeutic process. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is directly related to the results you experience in counselling

Video or telephone sessions can reduce the barriers to accessing care when you need it. Parents of newborn babies, individuals who have health or mobility issues, clients who live outside of Timmins can still receive easy-to-access, quality services. Life gets busy, things come up, being able to speak to your counsellor from the comfort and convenience of your own home allows you to keep focused on your therapeutic priorities and taking care of yourself

Evening and weekend availability make counselling convenient, so that you can maintain balance in your work-family-and personal life while prioritizing your mental health care

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